About me

First of all, I have to apologize, for my language. As I am not a native speaker there might be al lot of mistakes in here. But as traveling is something that is done worldwide, I decided to make this homepage for an international audience. I guess English is the language, that the most people will understand, not German that I know a lot better!

Born in 1957 in Hamburg and living in the Black Forest, Karl H. Warkentin is a photographer, lecturer and author of photography. He has both a technical and a creative training and has been dealing intensively with photography since 1970 and has been using digital imaging since 1996. But photography is not just his profession, it is also his calling.

Since 2000, he has published a large number of text and image contributions in photo magazines and books at home and abroad, teaches photography at various schools in Germany, and runs photoworkshops, among others on Lanzarote, in France, Morocco, Portugal and the UAE. Since 2002 he has been teaching a photo-class and is taking individual and company training on all aspects of photography. He is a coach for photographers and photo-artists as well as an commercial photographer.

His subjects are landscape, travel, nature, architecture, portrait and fine art nude. Far more than 100 of his articles on photography and portfolios of his works have been published in magazines and books in Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia. His works were presented in a TV report and in many larger individual and group exhibitions, eg in Dresden, Hamburg and Munich.

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